August 2, 2012
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Why are Nolan’s outfits so painful? Look at these popped collars.

[I accidentally replied to this privately at first, sorry. Here’s my complete reply, now with pictures!]

lol yeah. His clothes are pretty wild at times, aren’t they? I’ve worked out my own head!canon for that. Gabriel Mann…

I like so much that Revenge is about a lady who was like ‘I’LL RUIN THEIR LIVES’ and a dude who was like ‘I’LL TAUNT THEM WITH FASHION!’

June 6, 2012

Flowers, forsooth! The best dudes say it with gifts of billions of dollars, and also with the evidence that proves your father innocent which you fought for ten years to get and thought was blown up on a plane.

Except a) she does thank him and b) he doesn’t want thanks, he just wants to help her and for her to be happy.

Basically, doing crazily epic things for love (whether romantic, platonic or familial) is my bag.

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May 22, 2012


What other Hamptons male elite could get away with wearing red at a Fire & Ice engagement party when the celebration clearly designates the men to wear white? [x]

Red and white. Why not take some from column A and some from column B as well?


Watching the pilot is fun, because you see Nolan first wearing his red jacket and go ‘Huh’ and then the next time you see him he’s wearing pink trousers with anchors on them and you’re like ‘Guy, what is going ON with you?’ and then you see the double-popped collars and the Blackmailing & Kissing Dudes Bow Tie.

Nolan’s fashion sense, clearly as carefully plotted as Emanda’s revenge schemes, and occasionally (the anchor pants) just as deranged. But making a point, nonetheless!

Clever visual stuff is the one thing TV and movies have on books. ;)

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