September 14, 2014
"They were curved together like quotation marks with no words in between"

Unmade, Sarah Rees Brennan (via wordsfromya)

But who is it?

September 9, 2014

I wrote the start of this story when I was having a tough time writing anything, and it reminded me I love writing, and I continued because I love y’all. I never expected Elliot to be the hero of something that looks alarmingly booklike—I never expected him to be the hero at all—but suddenly like a cranky kraken (a cranken?) from the deeps emerged a cross nerd who had many comments on fantasy adventures: it is terrifying that they gave those Narnia kids swords! What up with the elves? Someone for the love of God bring out the mermaids! ARE WE SAFE IN MAGIC LANDS, AND WHY DO WE KEEP GOING WHEN THE ANSWER IS: NEVER?

Part 12 of The Turn of the Story is now up:

Part 1 began here:

I hope you like the ending to Elliot’s story. ;) If you want more, there is another story out in the anthology MONSTROUS AFFECTIONS, which went onsale today! (If you read that already, thank you for buying it. If you held out so’s not to be spoiled, thank you for your patience. THANK YOU ALL, MY DOVES. Basically.)

September 3, 2014
Turn of The Story, Part XI


' “My cousin saw that I was somewhat downcast after my—misreading and mistreatment of you, and she took me to a place where she assured me that my suffering would be eased.”

Elliot stared. “Serene,” he began. “Are you talking about what I think you’re talking about? Did you go to an elf brothel?”

“I should not talk so in front of a gentleman!” Serene burst out. “It—it may well have been somewhere that there were, ah, men of a persuadable nature—no, that is to say, men of the evening—”

“ELF BROTHEL,” said Elliot.’

The next part of Turn of the Story is now up and it has some mature themes like ELF BROTHELS:

(EDITED TO ADD: livejournal apparently spontaneously deleted the original post, and all the lovely discussion with it. I am greatly sad and weep into my pillow. But I put up the story part again as fast as I could: here it is.)

It is not the last part! I am SO SORRY! I blame this on the fever of my sickness or possibly some sickness I have had since birth. But the next part will be the last part, and it will be up on September the 9th! 

The adventures of the grouchiest and least impressed kid in a magical land ever started with Part I, ONE MILLION YEARS AGO when we were all younger and thought this was a short story:

I rebibblog so that others may have the new link, due to livejournal’s villainous deletion of my old one and allllll my comments. Writing online is a mug’s game!

August 28, 2014

Best ship name ever <3
Holly and Angela are from The Lynburn Legacy by sarahreesbrennan

Angela has such beautiful hair. Holly has such beautiful eyes!
I guess either of them could say…


Best ship name ever <3

Holly and Angela are from The Lynburn Legacy by sarahreesbrennan

Angela has such beautiful hair. Holly has such beautiful eyes!

I guess either of them could say…

August 28, 2014

So I put up an Unmade snippet in honour of mine and Maureen Johnson’s London event tonight, at which exciting things may—probably will—occur! 

And also all my tourinatin’ dates for the year… see you guys in Vegas! Or maybe New York. Or maybe Boston…

August 25, 2014


Monstrous Affections has arrived!

Oh Lord, look at how much longer my story is than everyone else’s. Well-chosen… words? Virtue in brevity?

I’m a monster and I must be stopped.

August 8, 2014


I will be coming to the UK in August and TOURING AROUND with some FRIENDS of mine. Won’t you come and see us? WON’T YOU???

EDINBURGH, AUGUST 24th, 3:30pm

Alternative Worlds with me and LEIGH BARDUGO. Tickets can be purchased by clicking here!

NEWCASTLE, AUGUST 25th, 6:00pm


If Maureen hasn’t brought her Segway I am going to attempt to crowdsurf. I require MOVEMENT, glorious movement, the wind in my hair…

Also if you’re anywhere around you should see them! Maureen is a joy forever. James is the queen of teen. Leigh is the queen of darkness.

August 8, 2014
Shadowhunter Academy titles



Hello, CC! Do you have any news for us about The Secret Treasons and The Shadowhunter Academy? Thank youuu! <3 — yssaoeyt

Well, TST is a big art project, so, it happens when it happens. I don’t know when it’ll be exactly.

I’m holding off also on saying too much about Academy

August 7, 2014

reallyits-oursnow said: maureen johnson has led me to believe that in person you sound like a cross between an old lady, a small child, and luna lovegood. i had to look up a video of you speaking and was very sad to learn that that was not the case.

Maureen Johnson is a filthy liar, a well-known noodle thief, a dangerous driver and a waste of God’s best poker face. Soon we will meet in the skies over London and settle our disputes once and for all.|Johnson

Mine will be the victory! She is very tiny and I can put her in my pocket and then squish her. (That’s wrong to do usually but in this case I shall make an exception. ;))

July 31, 2014


his voice scraped on her name — kami and jared throughout untold


1. landfill — daughter // 2. poison & wine — the civil wars // 3. brothers on a hotel bed — death cab for cutie // 4. crave you — teemid & daniela andrade // 5. fiction — the xx // 6. still — daughter // 7. take care — florence + the machine // 8. little dreams — ellie goulding // 9. maps — maroon 5 // 10. breathe me — sia // 11. btsk — ms mr // 12. animal — ellie goulding // 13. buzzcut season — lorde // 14. find a way — safetysuit // 15. crosswinds — j. tillman


original art by cassandra jean

Beautiful thoughtful song choices! Loved specially, for Lynburny reasons:

'That boy's got my heart in a silver cage
Why can’t you want me like the other boys do?
They stare at me while I crave you

I walked into the room dripping in gold’

And since I always try to play around with how we talk about gender and desire:

'You know I'm gonna find a way
To let you have your way with me’

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