July 26, 2013
GLBT Fantasy and Sci-Fi Titles for Teen


I’m very proud of this list I co-wrote for work. Glad to see GLBT characters popping up in books other than issues-driven contemporary YA.

Proud to be on it. ;) Proud to see so many of my friends on it. Yo, Saundra, give me the ‘on it twice’ fistbump!

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August 21, 2012
"In the end — and I mean this 100% — what matters is what you think of your book. Don’t get me wrong, this can change based on the intelligent commentary of others. Speaking personally, criticism by others has absolutely helped me to see my own books more clearly, in all their flaws. But don’t forget that some of the people who express reactions to your books will actually be judging a green triangle as if it is a failed attempt at a yellow square. Those criticisms hurt, but they’re not actually relevant to your process. It’s safe to let them go. - Kristin Cashore"

Advice to New Writers: Green Triangles Should Be Both Triangular and Green / An excellent post from Kristin Cashore (whose blogging I love almost as much as her books). (via gwendabond)

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