January 10, 2013
: How did you discover your favorite series?


It’s informal poll time! YOUR FAVORITE TIME. Wherein I put the question to all of you (and hope you share it): how did you first discover your favorite series?

Did you catch a glimpse of the cover at a real live bookstore and buy Book 1 with the money you were supposed to spend on lunch? Was your…

I admit I am curious about this too.

I found my favourite series (okay, the Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones, I may pick another by dinnertime) in the library!

November 17, 2012


can we be friends or

Authors are like never fans of each others’ books…

(We’re all worried about Maureen and Simon. I loved him first—IT’S IN CASSIE’S ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS—but I gave him up because she’s vicious, like a tiny ninja. A tinja.)

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