Gavriel & Jared hitting it off (The Lynburn Legacy /The Coldest Girl in Coldtown crossover)
Yay! I finally did it! I wanted to do this one because I knew it would be super fun, and it definitely was!  It is a pretty crazy crossover, they make a weird but very sexy couple. 
Thanks to letmedrawsomething for letting me do the counter art but sadly I couldn´t come up with any good dialog for this two…:(

A sorcerer. A vampire. A crossover. IT IS FATE. (And super cute.)


Gavriel & Jared hitting it off (The Lynburn Legacy /The Coldest Girl in Coldtown crossover)

Yay! I finally did it! I wanted to do this one because I knew it would be super fun, and it definitely was!  It is a pretty crazy crossover, they make a weird but very sexy couple. 

Thanks to letmedrawsomething for letting me do the counter art but sadly I couldn´t come up with any good dialog for this two…:(

A sorcerer. A vampire. A crossover. IT IS FATE. (And super cute.)

samanthagamgee9-75 asked:

Do the names Hibiscus, Clytemnestra and Scylla in Sisters Before Misters represent Holly Black, Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan? Is Marcus significant for anyone? Maureen Johnson or Malinda Lo?

Yes… although one of us did not realise we were writing a story in which the wicked witches were a little similar to us for some time, and then the other two smacked her about with throw pillows. ;)

It is true that I have been trying to get either MJ or Malinda to run away with me for some time also, but those cruel minxes keep turning me down. Oh well. Back to romance novels and the constant pursuit of evil!




We made a book. It comes out in September. Candlewick Press are really the ones who made it. Because they make FAB PRETTY BOOKS. (See Steampunk! for example, he said, aware of how obnoxious it is for someone to be so proud of a book they worked on, but, art director, artist (Yuko Shimizu!), what a book they made!) ANYWAY. New book is monstrously full of monsters. Some of these stories are happy. Er, really. No? Maybe not. Monsters get monstery! Some of these writers you might know. Some you may not. You will not sleep at night! (Sorry, folks. It’s ok, maybe the next night you will. Or the next. Or the monsters will get you, wait, sorry, sorry!) Monsters!

Table of Contents:

Paolo Bacigalupi—Moriabe’s Children
Cassandra Clare—Old Souls
Holly Black—Ten Rules for Being an Intergalactic Smuggler (The Successful Kind)
M. T. Anderson—Quick Hill
Nathan Ballingrud—The Diabolist
Patrick Ness—This Whole Demoning Thing
Sarah Rees Brennan—Wings in the Morning
Nalo Hopkinson—Left Foot, Right
G. Carl Purcell—The Mercurials
Dylan Horrocks—Kitty Capulet and the Invention of Underwater Photography
Nik Houser—Son of Abyss
Kathleen Jennings—A Small Wild Magic
Kelly Link—The New Boyfriend
Joshua Lewis—The Woods Hide in Plain Sight
Alice Sola Kim—Mothers, Lock Up Your Daughters Because They Are Terrifying

Go click on the link because that is a beeeeeyotiful cover. One of my top favourite covers for anything. I am super pleased to be in this anthology, because Gavin Grant and Kelly Link are excellent peeps and this is an awesome lineup. I have read four of these stories and they are excellent—don’t ask me how into Holly Black’s super alien alien I am. (NO ASK ME, but you might be disturbed.) And I can’t wait to read lots of the others—Nalo Hopkinson’s, because obviously, and Alice Sola Kim’s for the title ALONE.

My behaviour about this anthology has been a little bit off in the deep blue sea, I admit.

SARAH: Uh you guys so I’m writing this story and I love it and I’m super excited and it’s *coughs* twenty thousand words.


SARAH: Maybe a little more.

KELLY & GAVIN: !!!!!!!!!

SARAH: I’ll cut it! Look, I’ll cut it!

I even chronicled some of this process on this very tumblr:

And then when I handed in the story (we did cut it) (it’s still very long) I might’ve started to write a prequel companion on my blog which is also… getting very long…

This story—though it can of course be read alone—follows the story of The Turn of the Story.

Which means The Turn of the Story will be finished before September, pinky swear.

All of this overly long stories and strange blog prequels business is unusual behaviour which has I imagine led Kelly and Gavin to a dark place.

KELLY & GAVIN: We never predicted this.

KELLY AND GAVIN: … That Sarah Rees Brennan. She is not right.



Gonna be at RiverRun Bookstore in Portsmouth, NH TONIGHT at 7pm.

Am leaving the house now.

Come say hello.

Definitely those who are around should go!

Reblogged to say that the anthology DARK DUETS is out now and all. I would be there if I could—I was kindly invited—but I could not leave Ireland a full two weeks early due to… I would then wander America homelessly. ;)

But I am in it! And my name is on the cover of an anthology, which is my first time and a fancy thing. (It is happening because my two co-writers are fancies.)

The deal with this anthology is that two writers who haven’t written together before are meant to write a short story together.

Last year at a writing retreat the subject arose.

CASSIE: Christopher Golden asked me to do this Dark Duets thing, and I’m going to do it with Sarah.

HOLLY: No, *I’m* going to do it with Sarah.

SARAH: Guys, this is great, I always hoped this would happen someday, honestly I pictured Colin Firth and Hugh Grant in a fountain, but… this is also fine… please continue fighting over me.

CASSIE & HOLLY: Let’s ask if we can all three do it together.

SARAH: I’m slightly disappointed but that’s also a good triangle resolution.

Tah dah! Also, Carrie Ryan and Sarah MacLean’s story is awesome, and I am looking forward to reading Charlaine Harris (so fancy!) and Rachel Caine’s.

Our three-lady story is called SISTERS BEFORE MISTERS, and the three evil witch sisters are called Hibiscus, Clytemnestra and Scylla. Hibiscus is the wisest and most cunning and planful, Clytemnestra has power over the souls of all living things, and Scylla is the silly one who reads too many romance novels. (OR, SCYLLA IS THE AWESOME ONE WHO KNOWS YOU CANNOT READ TOO MANY ROMANCE NOVELS!)


Happy Thanksgiving & Happy Hanukkah & Happy Thursday


I want to tell you something I am really thankful about. 

Theo and I waited until everything was final to talk about him online, although maybe I mentioned him if you saw me in person. Anyway, I’m happy to announce that the reason I haven’t been around the internet all that much lately is because my husband and I adopted a baby!

Here’s is a picture of me with our son, Sebastian. The picture is from Maureen’s apartment, right after we got back from court. 


Isn’t he the best?

Isn’t he a tiny turnip?

What does that even mean?

Isn’t it weird how one addresses babies like they are delicious?

Doesn’t he look delicious?

This is his first Thanksgiving, so I am making him what I hope to be a succulent yam glop. I am making the rest of us a succulent yam glop too, but with more marshmallows and refined sugar. 

Here’s hoping you and yours are eating delectable things, no matter where you are or what you’re celebrating, or whether you’re celebrating anything at all.

Aren’t they the most loveliest? This is what I have been most thankful for this year: that two of the greatest people I know have a wonderful baby. And now it is all official in perfect time for your strange American festival of the giving of thanks!

Congratulations on it all being done and dusted, every one of the Black family! I’m so happy for you guys, every one.

Happy first Thanksgiving Sebastian! Love, the Weirdo Lady Who Screeches At You On Skype.




You guys don’t understand

It’s not just that Sarah Rees Brennan is funny and horrible and wrote UNSPOKEN which, if you talk to me at all, you know is currently my favorite book and I recommend to all who care and those who don’t, too

But guys


I saw her…

I once saw Sarah Rees Brennan take a pie to the face on stage in front of a couple hundred people.

She did it for us.

She did it for all of us.

That did happen.

I have to admit though…

It was an accident. The pie was meant to miss me, but a cream pie… under hot lights… it wasn’t Melissa de la Cruz (pie wielder, writer and also possessor of a NEW TEEVEE SHOW, Mel is fancy) but that the pie ended up basically being poured all over me.

Yes, I have been covered in cream from head to toe on a stage in front of children. Yes that’s a thing that happened to me.

But a) I do LOVE you guys enough to take a pie in the face voluntarily! and b) I know Holly Black truly loves me, because when the Pie Poured All Over Me, Holly broke character and ran from the crowd of other writers to me, and she brought me a towel and enveloped my head in it and carried me away.

Later Mel sent me fancy bath salts.

So the moral of the story is: my writer friends are cool and… whether by accident or on purpose… I will DO TERRIBLE THINGS if let out in public and told to entertain a crowd.

So come see me sometime. ;)



So Beth, Ellena and I went to the Holly Black and Sarah Rees Brennan Gothic Mirrors event hosted by Foyles last night and it was awesome. Getting to meet Holly for the first time was amazing and she is so nice 8D

Sarah was her usual amazingly awesome funny self. Even when hiding behind a desk and ending up on the floor. Legit.

For the occasion we made some book themed cupcakes. We kind of combined Team Human and Coldest Girl in Cold Town by doing the Team Vampire cake in blue. The original CDiCT cupcake was the one with the two blue dots, it was meant to be fang bites. We tried okay? :’)

All the other books tagged are represented in some way apart from Demon’s Lexicon. I tried to remember the Demon’s mark and we were going to do that in chocolate icing but it was getting confused in my memory with the Deathly Hallows sign. A quick google search did not help and we were decorating these in the hour before we had to get on the train to London :’)

The cakes were vanilla and the piped icing was butter icing with vanilla (I have a thing for vanilla). Decorations like the cat, clover and bell were doing with ready to roll royal icing that was coloured using food colour and spray on edible paint (for the gold and silver). We made little paper templates to cut round and then laid them on the cakes.

Team Human and Team Vampire were spelled out with left over letters from a birthday set I did a little while ago. But it does explain why we had to get creative with the pink lettering :’) The M was the last W, the U was an O and  because we had no more Ms it had to be Teah Human or Team Huhan :’) Our story is the vampire cupcake attacked and that’s why the human cupcake looks a little beat up.

The chocolate hearts were bought. Tempering chocolate is not one of my strong suits.

Still it was fun.

Speaking of books, anyone else doing NaNoWriMo?

I et them and they were delishus. Almost as beautiful as the bakers!

home-of-a-wayward-shadowhunter asked:

Hi Sarah! I'm really looking forward to seeing you and Holly in Liverpool in November and I was just wondering if you will be signing books and if so do they have to be certain editions of your new books or can they be any of your books at all? I'm sorry for the huge spam of questions, I'm just so excited! Thanks for any information you can give me :)

Aw, I am super excited too: Liverpool here we come. We will sign anything—new books, old books, walls, babies’ faces. 

Why am I signing Holly up to sign babies’ faces? Because I’m a good friend, is why.