October 3, 2014

bookishnonsense said: I <3 Unmade, but still need more (not just complimenting you, it feels like actual need--I've developed Lynburn Legacy dependence & can't move on)! Do you think you'll ever (officially or unofficially) write a years-into-the-future, ridiculously-cheesy-tying-up-of-all-possible-ends happy-ending epilogue to Unmade? Something like middle-aged Harry Potter, or Clockwork Princess' deathbed/bridge? Maybe that's not your style, but if you did, I'd cry w/ happiness.

I am so glad you liked Unmade!

As you can tell from this short story, I have ideas for years more of adventure for a lot of these characters:


So flashing forward decades would mean showing the Lynburn Legacy characters with characters readers weren’t familiar with at all, and beloved couples broken up and nobody would know why, and more people dead and nobody would know how, and new happinesses achieved and people wouldn’t know how that happened either.

So I don’t think people would like it. ;)

Like, you can imagine how well Harry Potter or Clockwork Princess would have gone down with brand new characters or tons of extra information that hadn’t been given in the books before.

' “All was well…” murmured Harry Potter out loud.

"Eh, sure, aside from the near certainty of environmental collapse coming at us all like an apocalyptic express train," said Zanzibar Pilates, the rookie Auror Harry had taken under his wing. "And the extremely troubling lack of diversity in all fiction, including children’s fiction, which brainwashes children into believing in a false ideal of this world and leads to intolerance, self-hatred and despair. Though at least that situation has improved slightly since your day!"

Harry frowned. “My day?”

Zanzibar patted Harry on the shoulder. “That’s the great tragedy of growing up, I guess: you stop being a rebel with a set-in-his-ways uncle and you start being somebody else’s stuffy uncle.”

"Ron and Hermione’s kids think I’m cool!" Harry protested.

Zanzibar Pilates shook his head sadly to see such delusion. ‘


' “It is great to see you, Jem, especially when you are looking so fine and foxy,” said Tessa, holding Jem's hand on Blackfriars Bridge. “But there are a few things I have to tell you. One is that I am already in a romantic relationship with Charlotte, who is now a sexy vampire.”

Jem looked around, very startled, to see Charlotte approaching in the gathering dusk. 

"The other is that I have been practising my warlock powers, and I now generally present as various different Tessas," said Tessa, and multiplied so Blackfriars Bridge was now filled with more than thirty Tessas.

Most of them looked just like Tessa, but one was a pillar of fire with Tessa’s features, and one was a car that had a suggestion of Tessa about the windshield.

"I know you must be a little taken aback," said Tessa. "But I’m really hoping we can still make this work."

Jem looked from the pillar of fire, to the car, to the many Tessas, and to Charlotte. She was a fine figure of a vampire.

"I’m honoured you thought me worthy of these challenges," said Jem slowly. "I can only hope I’m able to rise to the occasion."

"I have every faith in you, darling," said his betrothed. "To the Tessa mobile! Away!" ‘

So… I am very sorry to disappoint you, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t write about the Lynburn Legacy characters in the future, because as you can see, I would really like to write about the characters extensively sometime in the future. ;)

But I think an epilogue would disappoint you right now, because you’d just be sitting there going ‘What? WHAT? Who in the name of juju beans is Zanzibar Pilates?’

I am, however, very glad that you would like more story…

March 24, 2014


Here’s a selection of some of new YA covers released in the past two weeks. For more cover releases and all things YA lit, visit our website, follow us here and on Twitter, and subscribe to our weekly newsletter!

For more recent cover releases, see the full post. Click the covers to enlarge.

The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brennan & Maureen Johnson
Publisher: Margaret K. McElderry Books
Release date: November 11th 2014
Ever wondered about the enigmatic, mysterious warlock Magnus Bane? The only character to appear in every Shadowhunter book, Magnus has a past even more shrouded in mystery than his present. Cassandra Clare has teamed up with acclaimed writers Maureen Johnson and Sarah Rees Brennan to create the Bane Chronicles, the back (and front) story of Magnus told in ten linked tales. Edition includes artwork by Cassandra Jean.

Belzhar by Meg Wolitzer
Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group
Release date: September 30th 2014
If life were fair, Jam Gallahue would still be at home in New Jersey with her sweet British boyfriend, Reeve Maxfield. She’d be watching old comedy sketches with him. She’d be kissing him in the library stacks. She certainly wouldn’t be at The Wooden Barn, a therapeutic boarding school in rural Vermont, living with a weird roommate, and signed up for an exclusive, mysterious class called Special Topics in English. But life isn’t fair, and Reeve Maxfield is dead. Until a journal-writing assignment leads Jam to Belzhar, where the untainted past is restored, and Jam can feel Reeve’s arms around her once again. But there are hidden truths on Jam’s path to reclaim her loss.

Clariel (Abhorsen #4) by Garth Nix
Publisher: October 14th 2014
Release date: Allen & Unwin
Clariel is the daughter of the one of the most notable families in the Old Kingdom, with blood relations to the Abhorsen and, most importantly, to the King. However, Clariel wants no part of it—a natural hunter, all she ever thinks about is escaping the city’s confining walls and journeying back to the quiet, green world of the Great Forest. But many forces conspire against Clariel’s dream. A dangerous Free Magic creature is loose in the city, her parents want to marry her off to a killer, and there is a plot brewing against the old and withdrawn King Orrikan. When Clariel is drawn into the efforts to find and capture the creature, she discovers hidden sorcery within herself, yet it is magic that carries great dangers. Can she rise above the temptation of power, escape the unwanted marriage, and save the King?

Don’t Let Go (PERSEPHoNE #3) by Michelle Gagnon
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release date: August 26th 2014
After a devastating loss, Noa Torson is out of options. On the run with the three remaining teens of Persephone’s Army, she is up against immeasurable odds. The group is outnumbered, outsmarted, and outrun. But they are not giving up. When Noa and Peter realize they can’t run anymore, and that Noa’s health is failing, they know they must go back to where this began. But when they come face-to-face with the man who started it all, the question becomes, can they win?

Essence by Lisa Ann O’Kane
Publisher: Strange Chemistry
Release date: June 3rd 2014
Neutrality is the key to longevity. This motto has governed 17-year-old Autumn’s life in the mid-21st-century Centrist cult, which believes that expressing emotions leads to Essence drain and premature death. But Autumn’s younger brother’s death casts her faith into question. While sprinting through a park in violation of Centrist teachings, she encounters Ryder Stone, an Outsider who claims Essence drain is nothing more than a Centrist scare tactic. She agrees to join his Community, a utopia of adrenaline junkies living in the abandoned remains of Yosemite National Park. Autumn learns about sex, drugs, and living life to the fullest. But as she discovers dark secrets beneath the Community’s perfect exterior, she realizes that this illusion of paradise could be shattered…

Harp’s Song by Cassie Shine
Publisher: self-published
Release date: March 2014
In just a few months Harp Evans will be officially coming of age and graduating from high school. She will be free from the mother that never wanted her, the house that never felt like home, and the disappointment of the last seventeen years. What she doesn’t know is that her mother has been holding onto a secret that has the potential to derail her dreams and destroy her already faulty sense of self. A self-proclaimed recluse, Harp spends most of her time practicing the cello, in the hopes of earning a full scholarship that will grant her freedom, but will also send her away from her best friend Connor Williams, who is becoming more than just a friend. As revelations are made, will Harp still feel the same way about leaving everyone that cares about her behind? Or will she continue to pursue the life she’s been dreaming of for as long as she can remember?

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (Harry Potter #1) by J.K. Rowling
Publisher: Bloomsbury Children’s Books
Release date: September 2014
Harry Potter thinks he is an ordinary boy - until he is rescued by an owl, taken to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, learns to play Quidditch and does battle in a deadly duel. The first of a new set of U.K. editions illustrated by award-winning artist Jonny Duddle.

The Infinite Sea (The Fifth Wave #2) by Rick Yancey
Publisher: Putnam Juvenile
Release date: September 16th 2014
Surviving the first four waves was nearly impossible. Now Cassie Sullivan finds herself in a new world, a world in which the fundamental trust that binds us together is gone. As the 5th Wave rolls across the landscape, Cassie, Ben, and Ringer are forced to confront the Others’ ultimate goal: the extermination of the human race. Cassie and her friends haven’t seen the depths to which the Others will sink, nor have the Others seen the heights to which humanity will rise, in the ultimate battle between life and death, hope and despair, love and hate.

Monstrous Affections: An Anthology of Beastly Tales by Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant (ed.)
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Release date: September 9th 2014
Predatory kraken that sing with—and for—their kin; band members and betrayed friends who happen to be demonic; harpies as likely to attract as repel. Welcome to a world where humans live side by side with monsters, from vampires both nostalgic and bumbling to an eight-legged alien who makes tea. Authors include Paolo Bacigalupi, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black, M. T. Anderson, Nathan Ballingrud, Patrick Ness, Sarah Rees Brennan, Nalo Hopkinson, G. Carl Purcell, Dylan Horrocks, Nik Houser, Kathleen Jennings, Kelly Link, Joshua Lewis and Alice Sola Kim.

*casual hair flip* Just two of mah covers, chillaxin’ with Harry Potter and Garth Nix. No big deal.

January 10, 2013
: How did you discover your favorite series?


It’s informal poll time! YOUR FAVORITE TIME. Wherein I put the question to all of you (and hope you share it): how did you first discover your favorite series?

Did you catch a glimpse of the cover at a real live bookstore and buy Book 1 with the money you were supposed to spend on lunch? Was your…

I admit I am curious about this too.

I found my favourite series (okay, the Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones, I may pick another by dinnertime) in the library!

October 26, 2012
"I would argue that J. K. Rowling saying that Dumbledore was gay does not make Dumbledore any more or less gay than he already was. It’s easy to read the novels thinking Dumbledore is gay; I suppose it’s also possible to read the novels thinking he isn’t. But all that matters is the text. The only authoritative source for the Harry Potter novels is the text of the Harry Potter novels, and if J. K. Rowling announced tomorrow that Hermione was actually a Jedi Knight who time-traveled to Hogwarts from the Star Wars universe, it would not in any way change the novels or Hermione."

— John Green (via thechamillionaire)

(via )

May 31, 2012

Anonymous said: Hey, Sarah! I was just wondering - people are always saying that the Harry Potter books are a great example of feminism in the YA genre, but I dont really get that because it's essentially a story all about a boy and how awesome he is. What are your thoughts?

Well, I quite like Harry Potter. ;)

But if people talk about it as the One Shining Beacon of YA Feminism, that’s kind of troubling.

I’d think the same if people were saying that about the Percy Jackson books, The Thief by Megan Whalen Turner, or the Demon’s Lexicon. Because, as you say, all those books star a boy.

Which isn’t to say that a book with a male protagonist can’t be feminist, because of course a book with a male protagonist can and indeed I think all the books I just listed *are* (mine too, with luck). There’s nothing wrong with writing a story about a boy—I mean, naturally I think so, since I did it. ;)

And I think Hermione, Attolia and Eddis, and Annabeth, are great characters.

But they’re not the protagonists, and seeing books starring boys much-bepraised and books starring girls… not, is worrying. When people tell me the first Demon’s Lexicon book was the best, and the focus should have remained entirely on the boys, I am always happy to see love but I worry. When I see people say that Hermione is the Best YA Lady, I worry (obviously in a less personal way…). While I love to see love for any and all fictional ladies, saying the *best* ladies are the ladies who aren’t centre stage sends a message. 

That message is ‘yeah, ladies, second place if *you* please, stand by your man, and then take a step back.’

Books starring girls tend to win fewer prizes and be generally less highly regarded, as if having a girl as the centre of the story makes the whole joint less classy. Books starring girls really, really shouldn’t be regarded as less feminist as well.

So… I don’t like to see discomfort with female protagonists, and I see it too often!

But I do like Harry Potter and seeing love for its many great ladies is great: however if anyone was thinking of crowning the Harry Potter series the ultimate feminist YA, I would ask them to think of some books starring ladies as well, and give them at least equal billing. 


Yay heroines!

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