June 25, 2012
"Having flatly rejected the three suitors proposed by her family, she is apparently prepared to go through life quite happily without a husband, and we can imagine her in later years, a weathered and indomitable Amazon queen, sort of a Boudica for the Scots. “Brave” seems at a loss to deal with her as a girl and makes her a sort of honorary boy."

Roger Ebert [x]

(via mswyrr)

Okay, I haven’t even seen Brave (it doesn’t come out here until August 3rd because my life is unfair, that’s why) but holy canola, those sentences are weird put together. It’s like reading ‘The chair was made of very fine oak. All the furniture in the place was pretty well constructed. Of course all the unicorns had to be killed immediately.’

How does anyone string those sentences together? She doesn’t want to get married so she’s an honorary dude?

Deal with LOTS of girls who don’t regard wanting someone to put a ring on it as their ultimate girl certificate.

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