So, on July 4th, in 

St James’s Church,

197 Piccadilly, London W1J 9LL


4 July 2013, 6:30PM 

it is going to be my great pleasure to emcee (run around, take questions, tease remorselessly) for Cassandra Clare and Jamie Campbell Bower.

EVENT IN A CHURCH! How atmospheric and fancy will that be?


PRETTY ATMOSPHERIC AND FANCY, MY FRIENDS. Most excellently Shadowhunter-y, if you ask me.

Cassie will be there being a delight as usual. Also you know, I hear people like this guy?


So: much movie talk, much book talk, and we hope many awesome book fans! It should be a good time.


If you would like to come see us, please call the shop at 020 7851 2419 to buy tickets!

EDITED TO ADD: Okay, apparently you should all be able to buy tickets tomorrow. It is Father’s Day, so I think the website and ticket machine are off paying their dad a visit? WHO CAN SAY. But m’dears, there will be tickets tomorrow and we will be there with our shining faces on July 4th.



So this is not me posting news so much as confirming the rumors: YES, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is going to play Valentine.


I’ve liked JRM since he was in Velvet Goldmine and I have to admit that image was what sprang immediately to mind when the…

*waves Irish flag* I feel I Irish-incepted this movie. Victory!


Rape myths, rape culture, and the damage done to girls


 Under this cut are spoilers for City of Lost Souls, but also an in-depth discussion of what and sexual assault as it pertains to books in general and The Mortal Instruments in specific, with a discussion of rape culture and rape myths. There is also an excerpt from a scene that contains a violent physical assault. 

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I agree with this post, and think it is important, like Cassandra Clare’s whitewashing post, for people who aren’t fans of her books to read as well. For everyone.

I am also deeply troubled by the way I see, in so many different contexts, the demand that women *suffer* more. I don’t mind bad things happening to women—I don’t mind bad things happening to men, books are generally about bad things happening to everyone—but I don’t see the same feeling of dissatisfaction when a man isn’t visibly paying out in heart’s blood.

It starts to feel like a creepy chant: suffer for your desires, suffer for the desires of others, suffer because of what happened to you despite everything you did, suffer for what you did, suffer for what you didn’t do. The demand seems to be, in the end, suffer because that’s a woman’s job.

Nope. That’s part of the trap. Nobody gave you the required extra helpings of pain with the boobs. I believe in the pursuit of happiness for all.