March 31, 2013
Huzzah! Cassie and I just finished a… certain instalment… of the Bane Chronicles!

To celebrate it we thought we might put up a few lines! You know, for you all to enjoy.

Spoilers for Clockwork Princess…

He had not seemed to want to be taken from the cold depths of the water: had fought Magnus as he dragged him out, then laid his pale cheek against the dank earth of the riverbank, and hid his face in his arms.

For a moment Magnus had thought he was crying, but as he stooped down to check on the boy he found he was barely conscious. With his cruel golden eyes closed, he once again reminded Magnus of the lost boy Will had been: Magnus touched his damp hair gently, and said “James,” in as kind a voice as he could. 

His eyes were shut, black lashes ink-dark crescents against the marble-pale lines of his cheekbones. Sparkling drops of water were caught in the curling ends of those lashes: he looked unhappy as he slept in a way he did not when awake.    

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