Well, that was fast.

Fans’ reactions to Godfrey Gao’s casting as Magnus Bane in the Mortal Instruments movie.   Author Cassandra Clare insisted that the actor for this role be Asian.  

Seems eerily familiar to Hunger Games Tweets and fans surprised that Rue was black.

I’m not frustrated by these people unconsciously white-washing a character in a series they’ve read. It happens to everyone, particularly when they’re not aware of the representation of people of color in the media in the first place. It’s extremely hard to break the white-as-default mindset, even when you’re a PoC like myself.

What I’m frustrated—and honestly, rageful—about, is that these people aren’t taking the time to realize that they were wrong. They have evidence staring them straight in the face that Magnus is not white and yet they’re too wrapped up on their white-washed vision of the character to realize that they are incorrect.

A much better response to this would be “oh, I didn’t realize that he was Asian! I’ll have to go reread his scenes again because I missed this the first time around,” not flipping out over the fact that your beloved character does not have the white face you erroneously imagined him with.

Magnus can be both a hot, gay warlock and Asian. You know why? He’s been that way the entire time. You just didn’t notice.

Perfect comment is perfect. (And now I will be quiet. I’m just so happy about this casting! And I’m so proud of Cassie.)

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    Wow- way to go humanity you just make me sad.
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    It said he has almond shaped eyes People don’t know how to read
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    I don’t know what books these are, but why anyone wouldn’t want Godfrey Gao I don’t know. The man is walking sex.
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    1) This is why I hate people. 2) Seriously, look at him. He’s HOT.
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