June 5, 2012

Watch out, I’m about to do LITERARY ANALYSIS of a scene in Revenge.

EMILY/AMANDA: So my plan is to tell the fellow of my heart that I have been masquerading under a fake name, and projecting to him throughout our acquaintance a false identity. That I let a murderer assume my real identity and gave her all available tools to lie to him. That I have schemed to ruin lives, topple companies, blow up houses, seduced and betrothed myself to a dude I did not care for, and beaten up dudes with fists and one time an axe. I mean… that’s a good plan, right? What would you do if you were in his place?

NOLAN: Girl I would think you were so amazing I would want to MARRY YOU.

It’s a fool-proof plan! There’s no way it can fail! Nolan is one hundred per cent sure this will be an irresistible offer! 

Someone loves you, honey.

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    One of the few moments Emily smiled because of real happiness.
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