February 28, 2012

Anonymous said: Did you also see the news that Lucy Liu's Watson is no longer a war hero? And no longer disabled? But a disgraced, dishonored military surgeon? I'm all for new things and featuring women and women of color! But not when they're going to dumb down a character, apparently because they've cast a woman. All that says to me is that a woman is not strong enough to go through what Watson did.

I saw several things which made me go ‘Hmm.’ But every Holmes adaptation does different stuff—maybe the trauma of war is going to be translated to the deep psychological pressure put on doctors specialising in certain areas.

Maybe not, of course, maybe they’re doing it for gross reasons, and then I will be—of course—grossed out. But I don’t know yet, and until I’ve seen a character, I don’t know if ‘altered backstory’ is going to translate to ‘dumbed down.’ 

They made this guy psychosomatically disabled (which of course is still real disability), manifesting in being physically disabled, and then cured him via Sherlock’s presence for the majority of the show. I haven’t seen a quarter as many people saying Sherlock is terrible for doing this.

Differences will exist! Media is imperfect. But ‘until we can achieve perfection, let’s stick with the white dudes’ is not something I believe in. I’ll see how Dr Watson of Elementary plays out: and if I don’t like it, I’ll stop watching.

Till then, I am uncomfortable with how much easier, on far less evidence, people seem to find it to dismiss a woman: she won’t be good enough, won’t be strong enough, Elementary hasn’t done ENOUGH.

At least Elementary has done SOMETHING. I’m pleased about it. And I’ll see about the rest.

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