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Sep 28

Girls shouldn’t fear for their lives when they’re just living them. Girls who are impassioned about their worlds, who want nothing more than to engage with their world, learn about that world, build empathy for this place and the people around them, who use their knowledge and their passion to give voice to their beliefs shouldn’t worry about their bodies—or their lives—being at stake for doing so.

And yet, because we’re asking for and raising our voices without waiting for permission to do so, it happens.

” —

Kelly Jensen (catagator), Advocating for and Writing About Girls is a Radical Act

Make sure you read that. Make sure you share it so other people will too. And don’t miss reading and sharing these posts either:

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holly and angela
the true otp at the lynburn legacy series

The CHAINS and the magic MOVE! It is magic! Sorcery! Call the sorcery police!
(I don’t know how it works but it is amazing! As are their little determined faces.)


holly and angela

the true otp at the lynburn legacy series

The CHAINS and the magic MOVE! It is magic! Sorcery! Call the sorcery police!

(I don’t know how it works but it is amazing! As are their little determined faces.)

“Don’t waste time blaming yourself when you can spend time planning how to destroy our enemies.” —

- Lillian Lynburn is much wise. Unmade by Sarah Rees Brennan. (via toricentanni)

People seem to like this quote. Everyone’s so into efficient time management. ;)

“she had been so blithely arrogant, so happily stupid. beloved people died every day. her love was not special, and her wishes would not order the universe.” — sarah rees brennan, unmade (via katesuttons)

Sep 26

booksturnmugglesintowizards said: Hi Sarah! May I suggest "sunshine puppies" to be the official name for The Lynburn Legacy fans? :) xx

It is mega cute. ;)

“Sergeant Kenn punched Jared in the face: Jared felt his lip break. He tasted blood as he laughed, and punched him back.” —

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Hooligan in the streets gentleman in the sheets.


Unspoken: (Lynburn Legacy Book One) Sarah Rees Brennan -


In honour of the publication of Sarah Rees Brennan’s new book, Unmade, I wanted to do a trilogy of blogs about the Lynburn Legacy series! I just picked up my copy of Unmade at Waterstones today, and I am rereading from the beginning. The first book, Unspoken, is a really fantastic modern gothic…

Some lovely and brilliant meta on relationships, both romantic and platonic, and consent in Unspoken. It is tremendous to have readers who see what you were doing, and beautiful to read their clever thoughts!

On Poisoned Apples, the "Great YA Debate," and the Death of the Patriarchy -




My friend Christine Heppermann’s book POISONED APPLES: POEMS FOR YOU MY PRETTY released this week. This collection is an unabashedly feminist look at girls, body image, and eating disorders told through the lens of fairy tales, designed for young adults.

The book is arriving at an interesting…

Reaaaad the whoooole thing. 

This needs a lot more notes. It’s a long read, but so good.

' So, what makes a work adult, then? Beha gives us a pretty good clue:  “If we really are,” he writes, “living through the decline of the cultural authority of the straight white male, that seems like a rich and appropriate subject for a sophisticated work of narrative art.” '

So if… if! … the people who were always at the top of society, and who both controlled, made and starred in the majority of the art, if their reign is finally ending, it makes perfect sense that the only good real true art should be… ABOUT THEM! What a startling and original idea.

The fact that art isn’t considered real and good and true unless it has this particular subject matter proves we’re in no such decline, as does the fact a dude can say such things in the New Yorker.

Do not take my word for it: Anne Ursu has written a fabulous essay.

Sep 24

A Secret No One Tells: A Lynburn Legacy Fanmix -


Me: So, I wanna make a fanmix to celebrate the completion of The Lynburn Legacy by sarahreesbrennan. Help me with some gothic-y, romance-y, murder-y type music? 

Jay: *superhero pose* My time has come.

Me: Wait-

Jay: *flicks songs at me*

Me: Um-

Jay: *overturns bucket of music on me*

Me: *spluttering* 

Jay: *pushes me into a lake of melody*

Me: *drowning* (This is a good death.)

Yeah, so, saying that theflatfifth “helped” me with the mix would be a gross understatement. All I did was pick my favourites:

That Teenage Feeling by Neko Case // Love Me Like I’m Not Made of Stone by Lykke Li // Caring Is Creepy by The Shins // You’re Ex-Lover Is Dead by Stars // I Died So I Could Haunt You by Stars // Is There a Ghost by Band of Horses // Out in the Way by Beach Fossils (feat. Wild Nothing) // Broken Toy by Veronica Falls // Hold On, Hold On by Neko Case // You and Me by Penny & the Quarters 

What a lovely melodic present! I love Neko Case and I love the celebration of ‘That Teenage Feeling’ because what’s not fascinating, what’s not to celebrate, about love and the first time you feel certain loves, the way you struggle through both finding love and finding yourself? I obviously think it’s hella interesting… I wrote a series about it. ;)